• Inspirational case of HIMMEE – ideas materialized by designer Timo Niskanen

    Exquisite design is often obvious and simple. It does not purposely pull attention to itself or its beauty, it impresses through the ease of use and timeless design. Timo Niskanen, a Helsinki-based designer and entrepreneur works the idea of impacting through simplicity in his carefully designed and meticulously manufactured lighting products. SKURA interviewed the passionate …

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  • skura design

    Eco-vehicle (PIGEON) creator: first of all we should start from ourselves

    Development of ecological and sustainable world we live in is one of the most important issues in nowadays life. Almost everyone talk about it but only minority takes real actions. Ignas is one of those who did. “Certainly each of us can do a number of small steps which contribute to the ecological global development”, …

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  • Neringa Puckoriute

    Interview with our designer Neringa (via Avocado Garden)

    Our friends at Avocado Garden have interviewed our leading designer Neringa Puckoriute. We wanted to share this article with you all because it tells a lot about us. The things we care about, the things we are planning to achieve someday. You will find the text below. Enjoy! The beauty of interior design is that …

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