The story of our lamps begins with a coconut and a great craftsmenship. A coconut that has traveled half the globe to become art. We select coconuts that have a beautiful shape and can be crafted to carry our patterns.

During special treatment and pattern drilling, all coconut shells are treated with extreme care and precision. Jewelers make sure that every shell is of the highest quality possible.

We designed every part of the lamp and built exclusively for each lamp. The highest quality plywood base, brass connection parts, and also stem are made and polished separately.


The unexpected combinations of natural materials we use turn every lamp into a unique handmade piece of craft-art. Our lamps enliven interiors during the day & especially at night.

The design itself reflects the basics of both the wild nature and high-end art and craftsmanship. These things come together and create a lamp of modern design. Our lamps will last for decades and brighten your home every day.

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