I think light and smells are very important senses for our emotional state. It can bring us to memories, motivate or calm. COCOchoir creates a meditation for soul, eyes, and smells.

Magic light patterns on the surfaces and heating coconut shell with ethereal oils smell bring You to the wonderland. Remembers the feeling when you are standing in the sunny forest. Watching the magical dance of contrasting lights and shadows, breathing a thousand smells of nature… It makes you alive and calm.

These lamps are for people who feel a longing for nature, romance, passion and wish to make their home more special. Also, it is a perfect gift for Your loved one, friend, family member or even as a business gift.

We caught and settled ethereal light beauty in an organic coconut shell with the purpose to make your evenings more special and intimate.



  • COCOforest II handmade coconut lamp

  • COCOforest floor lamp

  • COCOflora table lamp

  • COCOflora II night lamp

  • COCOfauna II handmade table lamp

  • COCOfauna decorative lamp

  • Floor Trio coconut lamp

  • Table Soloist handmade coconut lamp

  • Table Couple handmade coconut lamp

  • Pendant Trio handmade coconut lamp

  • Table Duet modern coconut lamp

  • Table Soloist night lamp

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