Table Duet coconut lamp

COCOfauna decorative lamp

COCOfauna – handmade coconut lamp can enrich any interior with its modern shape, original light effect and positive smells.

The handmade lamp’s beauty during daytime and cozy lace of light at night makes it a very powerful interior detail, instantly changing the dynamics of your home.


  • EUR: € 150


We designed COCOfauna decorative lamp for those who feel the longing of nature, relaxation and intimate romantic evenings with their loved ones. If you’re looking to create more special memories and experiences in your life – the COCOfauna coconut lamp is for you. This modern lamp is a powerful piece of craft. It is an extraordinary lighting solution at night but looks beautiful during the day too.

Our handcrafted lamps are built to last. So, they will decorate your home every day and every night – for years and years to come.

We design and make every part exclusively for each coconut lamp. Also, we select each coconut very carefully, to make sure that the shell is of the highest quality possible. Professional jeweler drills numerous tiny holes in each coconut shell with extreme care and precision, thus creating specially designed patterns. Specially treated ash wood and brass connections are handmade separately by experienced craftsmen.

Because our lamps are fully handmade, they are customizable as well. If you like our COCOfauna table coconut lamp but would like it to be slightly different, let us know. We will discuss what can be done to fit your needs.

NOW IT IS MORE PERSONAL! You can leave a secret message for Your loved one. We can engrave any picture, text, date or etc. on the bottom of the coconut lamp.

And one more thing – these little creatures as COCOfauna decorative lamp can work as aromatherapy lamp. In the package, You will find a bottle of coconut oil which will help coconut shell stay in dark brown color.  Also, it smells great during lamp use. If You want You can add some essential oil in coconut oil and You will enjoy Your favorite smell all evening. Perfect therapy for coconut lamp, Your home and for Your soul.

Package includes

Extra 20W halogen light bulb
Bottle of coconut oil
Note with secret coconut oil usage instructions (how can make your home smell like coconuts or how you want in adding some essential oils!)


around 11.5 x 11.5 x 21 cm/ 4.5 x 4.5 x 8.2 in


Coconut shell, metal handmade parts from brass, ash wood base.


Specially treated ash wood


20W halogen light bulb


150 cm/60 in of length with ON-OFF switch


Adjusted to the standards of each country individually


Starts right after purchase and takes around 3-7 days to produce a lamp. We inform every person individually about estimated production time


Free shipment. It usually takes 5-10 working days to ship items in EU, 10-20 working days to USA and other countries.

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