COCOforest II handmade coconut lamp

This modern handmade lamp is both classic and original, which makes this standing lamp suitable for any kind of interior. The COCOforest II is a coconut lamp with an earthy feeling, and it takes the dance of light to its limits.


  • EUR: € 346


COCOforest handmade coconut lamp is for people who feel a longing for nature, romance, passion and wish to make their home more special for them and for their loved ones. Remembers the feeling when you are standing in the sunny forest, watching the magical dance of contrasting lights and shadows, breathing a thousand smells of nature… It makes you alive and calm.

We craft SKURA design lamps out of specially treated coconut shell to create an organic light pattern which fills up the room with forest vibes. It brings romantic wonderland‘s atmosphere at night time but also is unique home decor detail at daytime.

The base of the lamp is made of handmade brass connections and a natural ash wood. We can treat the wood in two different ways that give two different choices of color: dark and light brown. Finally, the base is polished with bee wax to bring more natural scent to this beautiful design. For the bottom of the lampstand, we use thick genuine leather (if You prefer no leather, please let me know – we will use wood instead) which can be engraved with custom personalized text which You can add by leaving us a note.

And one more thing – this coconut lamp can work as aromatherapy lamp too. In the package, You will find a bottle of coconut oil which will help coconut shell stay in dark brown color. Also, it smells great during lamp use. If You want You can add some essential oil in coconut oil and You will enjoy Your favorite smell all evening.

Furthermore, because our coconut lamps are fully handmade, they are customizable as well. If you like our COCOforest II coconut lamp but would like it to be slightly different, let us know. We will discuss what can be done to fit your needs.

Package includes:
3 x Crafted coconut shells,
4 x 20W halogen light bulbs,
Adapter by country / EU-US or EU-AU,
Bottle of coconut oil,
Note with using instruction.

Additional information:
Dimensions – around 11.5 x 11.5 x 90 cm/ 4.5 x 4.5 x 35 in,
Lamp base – ash wood,
Color of lamp base – dark or light brown,
Stalk – ~ 90 cm/ 35.5 in darkened brass,
Light – 3 x G4 12V halogen bulb (power 20W),
Cord length – 150 cm /60 in (with ON-OFF switch),
Plug – adjusted to the standards of each country individually.

FREE shipping worldwide.
EUROPE – about 5-9 working days.
OTHER PLACES IN THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD – about 10-19 working days

Package Includes

3 x Crafted coconut shells,
4 x 20W halogen light bulbs,
Adapter by country / EU-US or EU-AU,
Bottle of coconut oil,
Note with using instruction.


around 11.5 x 11.5 x 100 cm/ 4.5 x 4.5 x 40 in


Specially treated ash wood


3 X 20W halogen light bulb


150 cm/60 in of length with ON-OFF switch


Adjusted to the standards of each country individually


Starts right after purchase and takes around 3-7 days to produce a lamp. We inform every person individually about estimated production time


Free shipment. It usually takes 5-10 working days to ship items in EU, 10-20 working days to USA and other countries.

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